A Cross to Bear

Author: Vince Vogel
Series: The Jack Sheridan Series

"They burned it down once…they should burn it down again."

Once the star of Scotland Yard, burned out East London detective Jack Sheridan is now working a low end station, estranged from his family and haunted by his past.

When a young woman is discovered in woodland nailed to a cross, Jack is sent spiralling into direct confrontation with that past after she’s identified as the daughter of a murdered cop he once knew.

On his way to the Tunisian border, Alex Dorring is informed that his sister has been murdered. Dorring is Agent 192 of Uriel, a clandestine assassins wing of MI6.

With revenge on his mind, Dorring makes his way to London and begins investigating her death in his own special way.

With both men operating under entirely different rules, the death of one girl sees a bed of lies, sexual violence, murder and corruption come rising to the surface as London descends into chaos.

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