Agent 192

Author: Vince Vogel
Series: The Alex Dorring Series

What type of man hunts the bogeyman?

Ex-MI6 agent Alex Dorring is kidnapped from a Ministry of Defence run psychiatric hospital.

Abandoned in the middle of nowhere with no explanation, he finds himself hunted by a ruthless Defence Intelligence agent. His first thought is to hand himself in.

But something won’t let him. Strange memories spur him into looking for the men who killed his family, the cause of his mental breakdown a year before.

Is that the reason he’s been released? To take his revenge. Or is there another reason he’s been let go?

As the bodies pile up and the mystery surrounding his release only becomes more bewildering, one thing is for sure.

Whoever released Agent 192 has set free a world of pain. One that will stop at nothing until the truth is exposed.

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