Author: David Archer
Series: The Noah Wolf Series


Noah Wolf is quickly becoming one of the top names in the world of espionage. With well over 2 million copies sold and tens of thousands of five star reviews, DAVID ARCHER'S perennial USA Today bestselling series will be sure to keep your heart pounding well into the night.

With the American Alphabet Groups stalking Noah, and the clamoring for heads that will spell the end of the organization, Noah decides to take control of the situation and prepares for the survival of his family. After a sad farewell to Feeney Manor and leaving Allison and Molly to run the Home Robotics company, he and Sarah take their closest friends and move on to what they hope might be retirement and a long life.

There's no hiding from the past, however, and soon Noah has to decide how to keep it from destroying them all and taking a good part of the world with them. It's a mission only Noah can hope to achieve, and some will not survive—but who will he have to lose to keep Sarah and Norah safe?

Fans of Child, Flynn, Clancy, and others will find common cause with the man who must do what it takes to keep his country safe. David Archer's breakthrough series is rampant with action, betrayal, politics, and yes...death. If that makes you feel all warm and cozy inside, be sure to give this series a shot!

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