Angel of Justice

Author: David Archer
Series: The Chance Reddick Series

In Las Vegas, women are waking up thinking a single night has passed, only to find out that they've been considered missing for a month or more, and then learning that they are being charged with murder in other cities. When one of them turns out to be the daughter of Chance and Gabriella's friend Carmelita, Chance decides to look into the matter.

What he finds is a nightmare of mind control, with the only tenuous connection between the victims being a trip to drug rehab two years earlier. Unfortunately, that connection falls apart, so Chance is forced to keep digging. He's in a race against time to stop someone who's using innocent people as deadly weapons, destroying their lives in the process, and now he's got the FBI looking for him, as well. It's going to be a fast-paced roller coaster ride for the Angel of Justice, as he ducks and dodges the authorities in order to deliver justice to the person behind these horrible crimes.

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