Bleed Out

Author: Blake Banner
Series: The Dead Cold Series

Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence...or is it?

USA TODAY & Amazon 2-million copy bestselling author BLAKE BANNER is at his best in this mystifying crime series!

The Cold Cases team at the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx tend to focus on homicides. But now, Detective John Stone, head of the team, is curious about a two year-old rape case. A rape case where Sadie Byrne got HIV, turned out to be a rapid progressor and died of AIDS within a year. She never named her attacker.

In New York law that did not constitute homicide.

What did constitute homicide was what happened to Chuck Inglewood, when somebody slipped into his house and, with a razor sharp blade, cut through the veins and the arteries in his underarms and his inner thighs, and left him to bleed to death. Why he was murdered was a mystery nobody could solve. Why he didn’t fight back was a deeper mystery.

Nothing connected the two cases, except for the simple fact that Chuck Inglewood was Sadie Byrne’s uncle. A coincidence?

Detectives Stone and Dehan think not, but not even they are prepared for the dark web of deceit, betrayal and murder they were about to unravel…

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