Bloody Retribution

Author: Blake Banner
Series: The Harry Bauer Series


USA TODAY & Amazon 3-million copy bestselling author BLAKE BANNER is at his best in this gritty, action-packed, thriller series!

Harry Bauer is an assassin. He’s the best. But he’s choosy about who he takes out. Because what Harry takes out is the trash.

Harry works for Cobra. They eliminate the monsters who commit crimes against humanity, but are beyond the reach of the Law.

And for Harry, one type of trash stands out from the rest - a type that haunts his nightmares, his memories of Afghanistan; a type that has a putrid stench which makes his blood boil. And that’s the trash that victimizes children.

So when Harry hears that there’s a lithium mine in the Argentine Andes where children are being used as slaves, he volunteers for the mission: find who’s responsible and take them out.

But finding who’s responsible turns out to be not so easy. Is it Lady Angela Liu, the exotic, Anglo-Chinese aristocrat? Is it Senator Kit O’Hanlon? Or does it go far beyond either of these?

And what exactly is the role of the beautiful, mysterious Rosario Fuentes…?

One thing is clear though, when Harry gets his answers, there will be bloody retribution.

Fans of Jack Reacher, James Reece, Mitch Rapp, and others will love Harry Bauer. A man who is as lethal as he is unyielding. Who has a "special set of skills" that make him a nightmare for the worst of the worst, but rather unemployable by the regular world's standards. But that's okay, because Bauer was built for one reason--one purpose. To take out the world's garbage. One piece of trash at a time...

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