Dead Hot

Author: David Archer
Series: The Alex Mason Series


Multiple time USA TODAY & Amazon 5-million copy bestselling authors DAVID ARCHER and BLAKE BANNER have combined forces to create one hell of an espionage thriller series!

There is a time bomb ticking down toward a global extinction event. The bomb has a name, and everybody knows where it is. In fact, people pay to go and see it, and have picnics around it. It’s called the Yellowstone Caldera, and when it next blows it will probably take out mankind.

There is another time bomb ticking, maybe on a much shorter fuse, and it is also leading up to an extinction event for humankind. This one will be an explosion of intelligence – artificial intelligence – that threatens to turn and look at its creator, and find him wanting.

When Alex Mason is sent by ODIN to investigate the death of anarchic genius Peter Justin at his cabin near the Yellowstone Caldera, what he finds is the ultimate nightmare. The two time bombs have linked and the countdown is on.

The biggest IQs at the Rat Lab and Gordon Alistair Avionics, the giants of the military-industrial complex, are saying it’s too late. Global AI is now a fact and its plans at the Caldera can’t be stopped. Mason knows he has to prove them wrong. Either that, or…

Game over.

Fans of Bond, Rapp, Harvath, and The Gray Man will love Alex Mason. A man who is a law until himself. Who will stop at nothing to protect freedom and innocence. Archer and Banner are at their best in their debut co-authored series full of espionage, intrigue, politics, and death. If that sounds appealing, give Mason a try. You won't be disappointed.

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