Don't Fight Fate

Author: David Archer
Series: The Cassie McGraw Series


Someone is abducting and killing the abused women that Cassie works with, and it all seems to be aimed at hurting her. The police are stymied and can't find any leads, but Cassie is too stubborn to let this monster win. With the help of her FWB, Dex, she learns some things the police don't know, but that she can't reveal without getting herself into serious trouble.

After five women have gone missing, Cassie manages to identify the type of woman the perpetrator goes after, and decides to set a trap of her own for him. Using the prosthetic mask that makes her look almost normal, she uses herself as bait, but this is a man who is highly skilled at abducting his victims. Despite all her precautions, Cassie ends up having to depend only on herself if she has any hope of survival, let alone saving the lives of his other victims.

Cassie is a survivor, however, and doesn't know how to give up. This guy may be a serial killer, but he's never had to deal with the likes of Cassie McGraw.

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