Drifter: Part Three

Author: David Archer
Series: The Sam Prichard Series


Sam Prichard – you know him as a retired cop from Denver who blundered into the world of the Private Investigator, and from there into the world of International Espionage and Terrorism. Twice before, he has been called on to save the country. This time, in a tale that is straight out of today's headlines, Sam Prichard must save the world.

When he was asked to locate a man who seemed to have disappeared in Vietnam but then turned up alive in Denver forty years later, he thought he was simply taking on a case to help bring closure to a daughter who felt abandoned. Unfortunately, there's a lot more to the story, and now Sam must ally himself to one of the most deadly, cold-blooded killers he's ever known. A rogue agent of the CIA has decided that a number of ancient prophecies, including those in the Bible, name him as the new world leader, and he will literally stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

From Denver to DC, from DC to Jerusalem, and now from Jerusalem to Rome, Sam will not stop until he has brought this evil plan to its and. No other PI has ever faced the kind of enigma and disaster that will come to pass it Sam fails to stop his archenemy. Don't miss this incredible final adventure of Sam Prichard!

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