Author: David Archer
Series: The Alex Mason Series


Multiple time USA TODAY & Amazon 5-million copy bestselling authors DAVID ARCHER and BLAKE BANNER have combined forces to create one hell of an espionage thriller series!

In the wake of the Vietnam debacle, when the mighty USA was humiliated by Soviet-backed Vietcong, the CIA plotted to drag the USSR into a ‘Russian Vietnam’ in Afghanistan. The plan was such a success it led ultimately to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, forty years on, as Russia limps, scarred and crippled from the battlefields of Kherson, Donetsk and Kharkiv, Colonel Alexandrina Vitsin swears to drag the USA into an American Ukraine.

From her small dark office on Mokhovaya Street, in Moscow, she plots the unthinkable - war in western Europe. She will tear apart the European Union, inject Islam and Sharia law into that secular, democratic haven, and force the USA into an unwinnable conflict that will cripple NATO forever.

And in the process she will exact her personal revenge on the man she has been hunting for over ten years, since he foiled her on Victoria Island, in the Bay of Bengal; a man who works in the shadows from an agency that does not exist. But now she has his scent, and she will hunt him down and she will kill him, the man called Nero.

Fans of Bond, Rapp, Harvath, and The Gray Man will love Alex Mason. A man who is a law until himself. Who will stop at nothing to protect freedom and innocence. Archer and Banner are at their best in their debut co-authored series full of espionage, intrigue, politics, and death. If that sounds appealing, give Mason a try. You won't be disappointed.

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