Moving On

Author: David Archer
Series: The Sam & Indie Series

Sam has retired at last and moved his family away from Denver to the sunny beaches of Florida, land of sunshine and Disney World. Life is great, and he’s glad to be free of all the dangers of being a private eye, especially after losing his mother and some dear friends over the past few months.

But nothing lasts forever, and it isn’t long before Sam stumbles across a situation he just can’t leave alone. People are dropping dead all over Florida and the authorities are stumped as to what’s killing them, so a local cop who had been a longtime fan shows up at Sam’s beach house with a plea for help.

It doesn’t take Sam, Indie and Beauregard long to figure out the why of the many deaths, but then Sam becomes a target of the mysterious person behind it all. Come along with Sam and the rest as they desperately race against time to save Sam and everyone else!

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