Never Came Home

Author: Vince Vogel
Series: The Jack Sheridan Series

Every person he came across, Ray would stop, wind the window down and show them a picture of Daisy, frantically asking if they’d seen her.

Afraid not,” was the answer he got every time.

Halloween ’95. Eleven-year-old Daisy Hammond is snatched off the street as she walks home from a party. The next day the family receive a phone call from her kidnapper and then a letter, purportedly from their daughter.

It becomes a case for Jack Sheridan, and as the cruelty of the phone calls increase, he and his colleagues begin to unravel the secrets of the girl’s family. Secrets that, once exposed, will change them forever.

With a monster on the loose and a family in breakdown, Jack finds himself embroiled in a race to find a little girl before she becomes lost forever.

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