Riding the Devil

Author: Blake Banner
Series: The Harry Bauer Series


USA TODAY & Amazon 3-million copy bestselling author BLAKE BANNER is at his best in this gritty, action-packed, thriller series!

Harry Bauer is the best assassin in Cobra. So when the brigadier gets a call from his old FBI friend, Ash Cooper, telling him he believes a Gulf Cartel drugs baron known only as Otropoco, is extending his operation to Pinedale, Wyoming, pushing drugs to school kids and out on the reservation, the brigadier doesn’t hesitate. He sends Harry to pick up the scent, find Otropoco and kill him.

But when Harry gets to Pinedale Ash Cooper has disappeared, and so has Sonia, his sixteen year-old daughter. The only people who seem to know anything are Sonia’s pals, and among them Slick, the town punk and drugs pusher, but he’s not talking.

Then Sonia’s body is found in Lake Freemont, with her father’s body clinging to her. And that’s when Harry gets mad. He picks up Otropoco’s scent, and he goes for the kill…

In a hunt that takes him from the Wind River Mountains to Vegas and San Diego, Harry is doing what he does best – taking out the trash.

Fans of Jack Reacher, James Reece, Mitch Rapp, and others will love Harry Bauer. A man who is as lethal as he is unyielding. Who has a "special set of skills" that make him a nightmare for the worst of the worst, but rather unemployable by the regular world's standards. But that's okay, because Bauer was built for one reason--one purpose. To take out the world's garbage. One piece of trash at a time...

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