Streetlight City

Author: Vince Vogel
Series: The Jack Sheridan Series

Amongst the urban rubble of east London, one man searches for his sister; another for his love; and everyone else for a killer.

Winter 1989 is especially cold for Detective Sergeant Jack Sheridan of Scotland Yard when he’s assigned to a two-year-old investigation into the Docklands Ripper, a brutal killer already credited with the murder of five women.

As Jack and his partners delve into the tangled threads of the investigation thus far, it soon becomes clear that everything isn’t as straightforward as it should be. And when the detectives are drawn into the seedy world of illegal pornography, they begin to smell the foul stench of human corruption.

With little help from his so-called colleagues and under suspicion as to why he’s on the investigation in the first place, Jack finds himself immersed in the world of the Ripper: his neighborhood: his hunting ground. A place of social decay, drugs and prostitution, where the women sell the only thing left to them, the children run feral, and the men prey upon helplessness.

Where even the light is shrouded in dark.

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