The Clay House

Author: Vince Vogel
Series: The Jack Sheridan Series

Everything looked cold and dead. That’s how Jack always remembered that day. A cold and dead marsh in the middle of a gray autumn.

What does the murder of a schoolgirl, an imprisoned serial rapist, and a man found hanging from a tree have in common?

That’s the conundrum facing Detective Sergeant Jack Sheridan as he investigates the brutal death of a young girl while searching for his own missing daughter.

Detective Inspector Robert Burrell is called to an abandoned yacht in the early hours. A routine job then turns to anything but when police searching for the owner find him hanging in a tree, and Burrell finds himself under pressure to find a crazed killer before others meet the same fate.

While navigating his way through a world of tortured souls, sadistic killers, missing daughters, abandoned sons, and wrathful lovers, Jack must get to the bottom of how three separate crimes come unavoidably crashing together.

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