The Hand of War

Author: Blake Banner
Series: The Omega Series

USA TODAY & Amazon 3-million copy bestselling author BLAKE BANNER displays his raw talent in this mystifying action thriller series!

SAS veteran Lacklan Walker has been searching for Marni. She murdered his father, but his father’s dying wish was that Lacklan should keep her safe; safe from Omega, the government-within-the government, whose plans for humanity Marni has sworn to expose. And that is anything but safe.

Now the UN in New York is hosting an international conference on global warming and overpopulation. Marni will be delivering a key paper. Lacklan knows that paper will be dynamite, and Omega will be gunning for her.

What he doesn’t know is that Abdul Abbassi, the Butcher of Helmand, is also there, and his intention is not to keep anybody safe. His intention is to rain bloody fire and death down on the conference – and the city.

Long ago Lacklan swore to kill Abbassi, now is his chance, but time is running out and if he is to save Marni - and thousands more – he will have to play a dangerous double game with Omega: Omega of the Dark Agenda, Omega, who move the subtle Hand of War…

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