The Highwaymen

Author: Vince Vogel
Series: The Alex Dorring Series

An early evening heist in St. Tropez as the sun goes down. A police chase through the twilight. A woman discovered murdered in a nearby luxury hotel.

Over eight hundred miles away in London, Dorring sits in a pub when the news comes on. His ears prick up at the mention of the dead woman. The press don’t know her name and only the moniker she goes by: the Black Widow. A female jewel thief famed around the world.

Dorring knew her name. Knew everything there was to know about her once.

Consumed by a need to find out what happened, he sets off for St. Tropez unsure of what he’ll find. One thing is for sure, however. Before Dorring is finished, a whole bunch of people are going to to get hurt.

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