The Hitman's Death

Author: Vince Vogel
Series: The Alex Dorring Series

Alex Dorring is called out of hiding when he unwittingly uncovers a devious plot that will shake the very foundations of the western world. Coming into contact with a collection of psychotic assassins, heartbroken super hackers, deviant playboys and tyrannical billionaires, he must protect his family while trying to find a team of state-sponsored computer hackers who are breaking into the world’s financial institutes and robbing them.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the State Department go after Russian oligarchs for corruption and money laundering, freezing their American bank accounts and impounding their property. Will Russia’s all-powerful lie down and take it? Or will they strike back even harder?

From New York to Bangkok, Alex Dorring: Agent 192 hunts down those responsible with brutal efficiency in an attempt to stop them before they bankrupt the world and bring it to its knees.

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