The Last Run

Author: David Archer
Series: The Peter Black Series

Fate has an ironic sense of timing...

Hardened ex-hitman Peter Black is back working the dark corridors of the CIA. It just so happens that fate has an ironic sense of timing. His first week back coincides with the unleashing of a cataclysmic virus that plunges the world into unparalleled turmoil.

The sole antidote hides in a secret lab hidden beneath Sudan’s burning desert. But with the country on the verge of civil war, the CIA’s initial extraction mission fails, losing the vital cure in a maelstrom of savage violence.

As the clock ticks and desperation grows, Peter is thrown into the conflict’s raging heart, racing to retrieve the cure while evading deadly threats.

Navigating a gauntlet of hostile soldiers, renegade rebels, ruthless bounty hunters, cunning Russian agents, thieves and scoundrels, Peter strives to pull humanity back from the brink of annihilation in this thrilling tale of survival, courage, and redemption.

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