The Last Song

Author: David Archer
Series: The Sam Prichard Series

As lead singer of the band, Step Back Once, Sam Prichard was an up-and-coming country music star, his former careers as police officer and private investigator behind him. Recognized by one of the top talents in Nashville, it seemed the band might be on its way to a real recording career.

But then Candy McAlester, their bass player, was arrested and charged with the murder of her ex-husband, her own son being the star witness against her. In desperation, the band turned to Sam to find the proof that she was innocent, and he returned to PI work to try to clear her name. Only then could he admit to himself that he'd been missing it, that he'd been craving it and the thrills and excitement that it brought along.

The case took some surprising turns, and when the dust finally settled, Sam had learned one thing above everything else: being an investigator wasn't just something he had done, it was something that was part of him. No matter how things turned out on this case, Sam knew it wouldn't be his last.

Or would it?

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