The Ring

Author: Vince Vogel
Series: The Alex Dorring Series

“…they’re very powerful. Probably even people from the government in them… I reckon you might’ve bitten off more than you can chew on this one… Because I’m nothin’ compared to what’s gonna be comin’ after you.”

Dorring takes a job as a farm laborer in the hope of vanishing from the eyes of the world. But the world refuses to let men like Alex Dorring vanish.

On a Somerset orchard within the bright glare of the summer sun, he finds a man like himself: one broken by his past. Otis Rawly. An old man of the countryside whose five-year-old daughter went missing ten years ago.

When a former police officer turns up with the news that his daughter’s fingerprints have been found at a crime scene, Otis sets off for London in search of her.

Being a man of certain talents and having become fond of the old man, Dorring offers to accompany him. What they find in London will change both men forever.

All Dorring wanted was to disappear. But the world wouldn’t let him.

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