The Shadow of Ukupacha

Author: Blake Banner
Series: The Harry Bauer Series


USA TODAY & Amazon 3-million copy bestselling author BLAKE BANNER is at his best in this gritty, action-packed, thriller series!

Harry Bauer is a paid assassin. After eight years with the SAS he’s good at it. He works for Cobra, and his job is to punish those who are beyond the law, who commit crimes against humanity.

So when a US senator asks him to go to Peru, to a remote village in the sacred Valley of the Incas, to find out who killed a young archeologist, Harry is not happy. He is even less happy when the senator shows him a handwritten letter from a mysterious Carl Allen, that says the Supay, the daemons of Ukupacha, the Inca underworld, are rising up to eat the souls of humanity. Harry is a killer, not a gumshoe or a shrink.

But when he arrives in San Julian, high in the Andes, and he meets Dr. Liz Calder, an archeologist obsessed with Inca sacrificial rituals, when he hears the whispers about the dead and the vanished, and the slaves, Harry begins to change his mind. Maybe, just maybe, the greatest crime against humanity is being perpetrated right there, in the shadow of Ukupacha…

Fans of Jack Reacher, James Reece, Mitch Rapp, and others will love Harry Bauer. A man who is as lethal as he is unyielding. Who has a "special set of skills" that make him a nightmare for the worst of the worst, but rather unemployable by the regular world's standards. But that's okay, because Bauer was built for one reason--one purpose. To take out the world's garbage. One piece of trash at a time...

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