The Storm

Author: Blake Banner
Series: The Omega Series

USA TODAY & Amazon 3-million copy bestselling author BLAKE BANNER displays his raw talent in this mystifying action thriller series!

Hurricane Sarah, the largest in recorded history, is howling in off the Atlantic, straight toward New Orleans - and Lacklan Walker is headed for the eye of the storm.

His father’s dying wish was that he keep Marni safe, but Marni has sworn to bring down Omega, the government-within-the government, and that is anything but safe. Now she has disappeared and Lacklan has reason to think she might be following Hurricane Sarah.

But en route to the Big Easy things get complicated when Lacklan discovers that Bat Hayes, a comrade from the British SAS, has been charged with murder in the small Louisiana town of Burgundy – right in the path of the storm.

Lacklan knows what he has to do, he has to go to his comrade. But when he gets to Burgundy things are not so simple. This is a murder Hayes could not have committed,
yet his prints are at the scene and all over the murder weapon, plus Lacklan knows he is keeping a secret, a secret about the victim...about Sarah Carmichael.

As the sky turns black and the storm gathers, it seems Sarah is about to unleash unholy havoc…

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