Who Dares Wins

Author: Vince Vogel
Series: The Alex Dorring Series

Whilst going through a box of his armed forces things, Dorring discovers a message left on an old mobile phone. It ends with an invitation: I’ve found him. Come find me.

Him can mean only one thing. A killer from Dorring’s past.

The message leads him to the Scottish island of McGuffin. Isolated and far away from the normality of the mainland, it is a place ruled by a Lord and where the cops get to carry guns. A place of hostility and mystery.

With the whole island seemingly against him, Dorring must find the whereabouts of the friend who left the message as well as unmask the psychotic killer. All while trying to stay out of the clutches of the local police and the Lord’s men. Both of whom are intent on keeping the secrets of the island buried forever. Even if they have to commit murder to do so.

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