World Order

Author: David Archer
Series: The Noah Wolf Series

Noah Wolf is quickly becoming one of the top names in the world of espionage. With well over 2 million copies sold and tens of thousands of five star reviews, DAVID ARCHER'S perennial USA Today bestselling series will be sure to keep your heart pounding well into the night.

Noah and his team are sent to take on a mission they never expected to see: investigating what looks suspiciously like an extraterrestrial base in South America. American military men have been turning up dead and vanishing, and all of the events are connected to the unusual activity. UFOs and alien creatures and visits from Men In Black are all part of the mystery, and even Noah is beginning to wonder what they're up against.

When bodies start turning up that don't even seem to be human, the situation seems more and more like something out of a science fiction movie, but Noah is convinced. Teaming up with some of the most elite soldiers in the world, Noah and Team Camelot prepared to venture into what can only be termed alien territory.

Fans of Child, Flynn, Clancy, and others will find common cause with the man who must do what it takes to keep his country safe. David Archer's breakthrough series is rampant with action, betrayal, politics, and yes...death. If that makes you feel all warm and cozy inside, be sure to give this series a shot!

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